Complete Exposure

"The world is too dangerous for anything but truth
and too small for anything but love."
- William Sloan Coffin

"G" Rated Version

"When you open up your heart to the caring revolution,
you discover you can be the soul of the solution."
- Paul Hoffman

Fellow Lovers of Humanity,

If we're all so committed to social justice, world peace, and personal fulfillment, after all these years, why do we still have so much injustice, war, and corruption in the world today?

It's because we've been kept in the dark about so many things.  This source document will bring light to much of that.  Click on a content item below:

The Foreplay
First Timers, Experience this First!

The Quickie
If you only have less than 2 minutes...

Humor Can Transform
Watch George Carlin on War & Sex
Watch Bill Hicks on War & Freedom

The 6-C (Sexy) Steps

Step #1: Consciousness
What we don't know affects us more
than what we know

Step #2: Community
Who we know, and who knows us,
affects our life even more

Step #3: Commerce
How and where we spend our money,
affects the whole world

Step #4: Co-Creation
New emerging organizations allow us to do
what we could not do before

Step #5: Collaboration
We can do more when we work together
in huge numbers

Step #6: Celebration!
Make love not war
because life without fun is not worth it

More Sexy Solutions!!
Simple, easy, and innovative ways
we can make a difference now

WARNING: High-Risk Sexy Solutions
These solutions will not make sense to you if
you haven't already followed the 6-C Steps.

Military & Police

The Climax
Allow source energy to vibrate within
your body, mind, and soul

Sexy Bonuses
Are you ready for some REAL sex?

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