Include this information in your teaching curriculum.  Teach this to your children.  Don't just allow your Ministry of Education to dictate what is taught.  Teach our children practical skills for living.  Yes, reading, writing, math, logic, and reason would be the most important.

Watch The College Conspiracy, a great feature-length documentary about the corrupt university and education systems.

Instead of teaching calculus, why not teach about interest rates and monetary policy?  Rather than give them printed material from the government, show them how to do their own research on the Internet.  If children ask you things you don't know, show them -- and learn yourself -- how to find the answers.

"The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
Superior teachers demonstrate.
Great teachers inspire."
- William Arthur Ward, Author, Editor & Pastor

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Rather than condemning their violence, illustrate to them how they are behaving in a conditioned way by the media, and a completely aligned way with the state of the world.  There will always be violence in our neighborhoods so long as there are wars in our world.

Once we understand that, then we can teach that to the next generation.  And then, that generation will be called to a greater purpose of eliminating wars in the world, knowing that they are not wrong or bad, but just bi-products of a corrupt global system.  There is tremendous inspiration in knowing you can be at cause in its transformation.

Use on-line educational and entertaining tools.  There is so much available, like the Our World Movie, available in fifteen languages.

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