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This is a place of reference you can visit regularly. Not all sections may apply to you right now, so you need not read this linearly -- you can easily skip to the sections most relevant to you (after you have watched the 3 introductory videos).  As you may choose to become more active in this movement, you'll see that every section applies to everybody because the fundamental issue of human corruption is the true issue that brings humanity together as one.

Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Instead of spreading love we spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity

- Black Eyed Peas, "Where's The Love?"

Some people may have discussed these issues years ago, and since then have felt that not much could be done.  What's available today that wasn't available just five to ten years ago, is technology -- the digital distribution of multi-media information across geopolitical borders at light-speedThis document contains solid solutions that work.

What you are about to uncover affects people in every nation of the world because we are all interconnected in many ways.  Some things may look US-centric at times because the United States of America has been a major geopolitical force in modern history until present day.  The biggest export of the United States is pop-culture media and Hollywood entertainment which much of the world consumes.  (For a Canadian perspective, watch the movie, "Oh Canada: Our Bought & Sold-Out Land".)

If you get shocked or have a quick emotional reaction to some of what is said, remember Video #1 about brainwashing (that your reality based on mainstream consciousness is actually propaganda and not necessarily real at all).  Of course there are going to be things here that will surprise you (because they have been hidden from so many for so long). Instead of staying in your current paradigm of reality, authentically consider what is being presented with an open mind.

Before we can effectively discuss solutions, we should agree on what the problems really are.  We found three short videos that explain everything and they will get us on the same page.  Make sure you watch them in their entirety before you read the rest of this document.  You can watch all three of the videos in full-screen resolution at

Share this vital information with everyone

This document is constantly being revised.  Make sure you read the most up-to-date version currently housed at  There are dozens and dozens of hyperlinks throughout this document, so you can find out more information, check our sources, do your own research, and most importantly, take immediate action to transform humanity.  If you do not see hyperlinks in almost every paragraph, please visit the on-line, multi-media version (with pretty pictures), at the said location.

You may have noticed that certain phrases are highlighted.  This is so that your eyes can quickly skim through this document, uncovering all the major key-points at lightening speed.

Reading this document in its entirety (approx. 20-25 minutes) will expand your consciousness.  Contextualizing aspects of it to your life will be enlightening.  Applying some of it in your community will cause transformationChoosing the destiny of our planet is transcendental.


Regularly check web-sites and news services like these.  We are countering a very powerful and intelligent force that is constantly changing as our awakening grows.  For example, the Tea Party movement has been hi-jacked by the conservatives who are diverting the movement.  But people aren't going to fall for Sarah Palin.  Glenn Beck is an actor who mixes truth with fiction to cause false riots.  He continues to call Ron Paul a cook when he is more of one.

The real challenging of the global awakening, is that it needs to be a re-awakening all the time to what really is.  Our first awakening is seldom enough just like our first bath wasn't enough to keep our body clean our whole life.

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