If you work for a bank, insurance company, or any kind of financial institution, go to your managers and directors, and ask them why they allowed a trillion dollars of tax-payer money to support their unethical behavior.  When they say things like "It wasn't me, not my department, you can't blame people," then take a stand.  Ask them to go up the chain until we find the decision makers that allowed corrupt things to happen.

Tell them you will make this part of YOUR job, and enroll everyone else in the company to do the same, until we get the criminals from the top of these institutions to give back their ENTIRE bonuses, and resign.

When you sit back as an "employee" and do nothing, you are transforming yourself into a "slave"; not just an economic slave, now a physical, emotional, and psychological slave for at least 8 to 12 hours a day.  Masters had to feed and house old slaves.  You feed and house yourself.

One of the beautiful things about any hierarchical organization is that any person in the organization can communicate up the ranks until they can get to the head-honcho.  You can do it if you don't late the gate-keepers intimidate you.  If you are a gate-keeper, please allow us access.

If you are trading public stocks (currencies, futures, commodities, derivatives, options, etc.) full-time to sustain your lifestyle, please stop.  You are funding war in the world, and you have so many other options in our society of making a living.

Those who are financially independent, we request that you focus your time, not on making more money or serving on boards of corporations, but on devoting yourself to humanity.  You can support to awaken humanity in so many ways.  Volunteering, philanthropy, angel investing, supporting your financially-constrained friends, capitalization (including time/resources) of charities/non-profits, funding activism, or bringing this message to others, are among a few noble possibilities.

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