The Quickie

Wath a short video called, The Love Police (10 minutes)
and look at our web site about running in the next elections!

Videos Summary:
  • All mainstream media is controlled by a few corporations that have used excessive propaganda and mind-control techniques to push forward their (corrupt) hidden agendas.
  • Our taxes (average 51% of income) are funding illegal wars, genocide, and murder in countries around the world.
  • Our governments are being controlled by corporate interests, and we are given deliberate misinformation on health-care and national security. 
Love is stronger than fear.

  • Read this entire document.  Spend twenty minutes this week to expand your consciousness.
  • Have several conversations this week to enlighten your community about what you have read.
  • Skim through the document and visit several links that INTEREST YOU (there’s something for everybody), to transform aspects of our humanity.

Our work is massive and that takes actions on many fronts.  All you have to do is one or two things that you are interested in.  When you forward this to just 10 people, and they forward it to 10 people each, that means 100 to 200 things would have been done collectively.  The "viral" or the "passing it on" will continue, and everything will get done by all of us together.

Then, we promise you, all the challenges of your life you are facing now, will be transcended. We will live in a world that works for everyone.

"The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of all the people who are evil,
but because of the people who
don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein

You can use this 1-page summary as a tool to share solutions with your friends.  Download "Top 10 Ways to Change the World Today" PDF document.  Read it, print it, and share it.

For an audio introduction to the Truth Activism Movement, listen to Intuitive Soul Radio as Laurie Huston interviews Danish Ahmed in this stimulating talk show.  Press the play button below.

If you jumped right to the Quickie, you should get into the foreplay now.

Otherwise, click the "Newer Post" link below to advance to the next section, Step #1: Consciousness.

Just as A Quickie is not enough to sustain a wholesome relationship, your knowledge and understanding of these issues will be lost unless you take further action.

If you believe in our mission of social justice, world peace, and personal fulfillment for everyone, then, in addition to supporting illegal wars with your tax dollars, consider supporting us financially as well.  All of us in this movement still need to use the current monetary system and would really appreciate you funding us in whatever capacity that works for you.

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