Despite the massive legal and media attacks on holistic practitioners and wellness organizations, natural health and alternative medicine have gained a lot of respect in the mainstream consciousness.  The pharmaceutical companies have infiltrated their corruption in education, politics, media, and law.  They have engineered a culture of corrupted behavior by continuing to bad-mouth and make false claims about solutions that would make them lose money.

We recommend traditional medicine for all emergencies and life-threatening situations.  For all other situations, we encourage you to consider natural health solutions from web sites such as Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau and explore various modalities of the healing arts.  Have an attitude of prevention by using nutritional products like those from Vemma and TriVitaMelaleuca is a wellness company that offers eco-friendly cleaning, laundry, bath/body, dental, and beauty products.

The general rule of community commerce:  If you do register on any of these web sites, always use: A) The name of the person who may have in the past told you about that particular product/service, first.  B) The name of the person who told you about this web site, second (they may not be registered, in which case you can register them).  And, C) If they don't want to participate, register under Danish Ahmed (creator of this web site).

Understand that lots of people are making money from the swine flu, and so they have a vested interest in giving you a skewed perspective.  It is hard to believe that good people would put money over humanity, but we were warned about this in many religions, and we are facing it right now, head-to-head.

For more information about the Swine Flu (H1N1), visit The Swine Flu Scam web site.

If you work in the health-care profession, tell your hospitals/clinics/schools that you refuse to take the shot, and you refuse to administer it.  If your job is threatened, let us ask you something: "What was your job really?"  Do you want to fall victim to the same money-over-humanity paradigm that says you need to feed your family, and that they will just hire someone else and it won't make a difference?  You can always justify inhumane things, because you can always justify anything.  Ask yourself, what are you justifying?

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